I am a dentist, photographer, lecturer and designer based in Belgrade, Serbia.

The Bigger Picture is a unique type of course through which you will learn to perform dental photography in a simple, fast and efficient way. 

The concept of this course implies quick and efficient execution of necessary frames for clinical documentation in just a few minutes, thus not creating a distraction from our true call, dentistry.

Knowing your equipment and the basics of its functioning, internally, as well as externally, can help prevent a variability of errors one can make during the documentation of dental work, and at the same time enables you to react and correct, which  leads to top results.


“In photography, the smallest thing can be a great subject.”

- Henri Cartier-Bresson

Advanced Course

Advanced two days course on dental photography from everyday clinical practice to art, portrait and laboratory photography.

Course Program

Basic Course

One day course on everything you need to know about dental photography with the use of professional lighting in clinical and laboratory dentistry.


Course Program

1 on 1 Course

One day course, all about dental photography with hands on.

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Milos Ljubicic  Dentist | Lecturer | Photographer | Designer